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find me sex first fuxk

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Subscribe to this Thread…. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. She has little spots on the face but makes up for it with good service. She gave a CBJ and amazing DFK. Usually when I go for DFK, the girl goes breathless, but with her it was non stop DFK with me going breathless. Second time she came to my room, we had drinks beer and single malt and then proceeded with the act which was more of lovemaking then wild sex and her moans were not fake.

After that I dropped her to her room by ola, since she was quite drunk and even I had few pegs. Next time she herself called me to her room and cooked dinner for me and we had drinks as well and apart from DFK and fingering nothing else happened as I had to leave early.

And two days back she came to my room for overnight stay. After sex she like to hug me and sleep. Another thing happened that after we had sex in her room, she got couple of calls for coming to the room, she declined those at least in front of me and watched TV while hugging me. She acts like a GF without the demands. Service aptmts and hotels. Please PM me budget Service Apartments and hotels details in and around Indiranagar preferably. Planning to take Victoria this week or next.

Originally Posted by BglrHunterr. Been with Nanditha and her friend few times and it was a pleasant experience. They are not for those who crave for skinny muscled babes. They are chubby aunty types with great assets and endless pleasure. I went to the German forums and dedicated FKK forums and got lot of info. But I want to know especially how is it like visiting these clubs for us being an outsider and Asian. Is there anything we should keep in mind etc.

Please PM me or reply to this thread. Met this bird through SP in Koramangla over the weekend. Originally Posted by RohitDhingra. She said she has no restrictions apart from anal and CIM. Does anyone know if she actually do BBBJ and DFK? Please let me know your thoughts? Very true about the noisy COT. Originally Posted by SuperDuperMyse. Mona moved to a lane next to the burnt store. Reached her place and showed the girl. Girl is Ok ok type. Soft body with good tyres around her waist.

Girl tried her level best to please me. Mona erotic oral sex tamil sex erotic stories injects her skill of using teeth during BJ and it hurts the tool a lot, bad teacher!

Another biggest drawback is the lack of proper light, no exhaust and even worst the noise from the old rusted COT. It reminded me of the tin smithy workshop during engineering days. Here is the score card:. Does any one knows Pinky? And last week I saw her active in FB and got this pic and I tried to contact her on FB but no success yesterday she removed all her pics from FB too luckily I downloaded them.

Does any one of you guys know her by any chance? Dose anyone met her before any news of her current status? She is the first one who gave me BBJ, I can still recall her doing that to me. Met Lalitha for the third time during the recent national holiday. This was the third time that I was meeting her. Overall very satisfied with the experience. The good things about her. Shots and she keeps you aroused by playing with johny non stop. She enjoys the act, squirts real hard if she is aroused, the last time.

I could feel her lava all around my pubic region and thighs. I feel she does this part time, seems to be readily available and. Her pleasure holes are still tight. She was willing to introduce to her friends. Not so good find me sex first fuxk. Decent hotel or OYO, it looks evident.

Tries to get you to a lodge in Magadi road, I had used the lodge. All the three times and found it to be safe but not all that clean. It is budget lodge, the third time I had been there, the lodge manager. WIR: Yes, maybe once every month. Amount of time each time I had met her. Also the room rent of. Did anybody have any experience with Maria, she has her profile. In one of the dating websites, named like a number.

That she stays in BTM layout, works for an advertisement find me sex first fuxk etc. That her mother is hospitalized in Mysore and is doing this to meet the expenses of. The treatment, requests to transfer money to her SB account. I know this has been discussed time and again, not to do, but I remember.

Reading a post from one of the mongers about a bird with the same story line, so just checking. There is NO NEED for any report to be written with UNNECESSARY HARD RETURNS at the end of every line of text. If you are adding these hard returns at the end of every line by using the ENTER key, then please stop. Instead, when typing simply allow the text to "wrap" automatically at the end of each line.

The ENTER key is only needed to separate the paragraphs. Please do not post text with unnecessary hard returns in the Forum. Please share details bro. New kid on the block, looking for happy mongering. Am from Bengaluru, working in IT Organization and looking for fun at reasonable cost.

Thanks a lot for your support in advance. Originally Posted by Priyanshu. This time she bought another girl for me to taste. This new girl was totally homely, bit skinny. Crazy part is she bought her toddler with her. Anyway it was kind of kinky, fucking a mom whose kid is in the next room. Probably really a needy girl. Sex was nothing to boast of. But what I am sure is, she enjoyed the act. Any way would repeat her soon, as it is very comfortable to do it in your own home.

Is Dolly still there? I have been trying for a week, but the numbers are either off or unreachable or "cannot be connected". Has anybody has idea. Anyone in touch lately? You may not post new threads.

You may not post replies. You may not post attachments. You may not edit your posts. BB code is On. HTML code is Off. Which SP was this and what was the damage, find me sex first fuxk. Can you please PM the details? Let me know which city you are going to in Germany, find me sex first fuxk. Is these real pics of Riya? She is very short and bit on the plus size. Yes its her pic. Beautiful face but not so beautiful figure.

Reluctantly called up Mona last week as I had bitter experience with her previous girl. Does she has place? Do you mind sharing details please. They might show up at your door during most unexpected time and demand money.

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